Megatronicís vision is to find the most efficient solution for each customer. The goal is to support and help our customers with continuous improvements. Our main focus is to provide solutions with the best products for automation and control for todayís market. Assuring that the manufacturing processes has a positive effect on production and quality control. We have qualified staff to assist you, to make the job safe, reliable, efficient and durable, with warranty and service at your reach. The only missing factor, to make it happen, is to tell us your requirements and let us work together do the best for you.
Remember some things are just easier than they look!


Company Values


Improvements to equipment or machinery, to ensure performance and extend the long-term work. for the purpose of requiring less time requiring maintenance and production downtime.
Application of new technologies, trends and techniques that help extend the life of the general machinery components.
Tech Support protection tools such as dies, molds, fixtures and presses etc. prevent achieving high expenses incurred in its repair and reconstruction.
Recommendation and implementation of current technology, to today's detection solutions, helping to reduce premature damage, with devices more efficient, higher quality of building materials and better sensing ranges.
Implementation devices for quality assurances in poka yokes error proof, in real time or test equipment stations.
Integration or recommendation, vision sensors that can inspect, verify and automatically measure 100% quality manufacturing processes, ensuring assemblies can fit specifications and engineering parameters.
Protection and assurances in areas that could jeopardize the physical integrity of workers agree to OSHA, with products that can guarantee this purpose, with current alternatives.
We have different programs, where you can apply for evaluation products for a period of time to ensure proper function and effectiveness in your applications.
We have training programs for many of the products we offer, inductive, capacitive and photoelectric (applications, solutions, implement them correctly, protections, and uses more appropriate settings. etc.), advanced sensors and personal safety devices in hazardous areas against accidents. etc.
Integration of technologies and systems, data logging, monitoring, traceability and control, quality testing consistency, repeatability, raw materials, sub assemblies, finished products by part number, before, during and after manufacture, in different production processes.
Develop savings plans MRO materials with products of the highest quality, with warranty, service and support specialists
Our technical support department of the company, every day is constantly evolving in order to achieve and maintain harmony between challenges, leading technology, solutions and benefits, let us know how we can help solve your current challenge.